M. Lukas Company is a licensed provider of ISOMEMBRANE®; a flexible, ash tight process for industrial sealing challenges caused by multi-plane movement and high temperature.

ISOMEMBRANE® can be used for many applications. It is especially suited for penthouse tube penetrations, nose arch, convection pass tube penetrations, dead air spaces, casing/duct cracks and expansion joints.

Some direct benefits of ISOMEMBRANE® include; improving your operating economics by decreasing air leakage, helping avoid costly weld repairs, and preventing new seal installations. In addition, ISOMEMBRANE® can eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming vacuuming of ash. Also, it can reduce the safety risk of ash accumulations, both personal and structural, and helps reduce the operations risk of ash accumulation in the electrical system and controls, eliminating down time.

Work with a licensed provider for your ISOMEMBRANE® needs. Contact M. Lukas to learn more.

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