Refractory Engineering and Consulting

M. Lukas Company utilizes its experience and understanding of the industry to solve many of our industries' refractory problems. Our understanding of our refractory and insulation products, and the industry, allows us to properly assess the situation and provide confident refractory engineering solutions based on years of experience and know-how. We offer budget reporting for one year up to five years for any possible repairs, or project costs that give our customers valuable planning and operating insight. Our refractory and insulation material specifications, engineering services for OEMs, lining analysis with heat calculations and inspections are second to none.

M. Lukas Engineering and Consulting Services

  • Unit inspections and analysis
  • Inspection reporting and budgetary proposals
  • Lining analysis and heat calculations
  • Material specifications
  • Turn-key project management

Learn more about our refractory engineering and consulting services by contacting us.

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