Plastics and Ramming Mixes

Plastic refractories are mixtures of refractory materials prepared in a stiff plastic condition for application without further preparation. They are generally rammed in place with a pneumatic hammer or pounded with a mallet, which is why they are sometimes called “ramming mixes.” Plastic refractories are easily adaptable for making quick, economical, emergency repairs and can be rammed to any shape or contour.

M. Lukas Company supplies a wide variety of plastic refractory products ranging from air and heat set to phosphate-bonded and vibratables.

Types of Plastic Refractories/Ramming Mixes:

  • Low to high alumina
  • Air and heat set
  • Phosphate-bonded
  • Mullite
  • Gunning
  • Graphitic
  • Vibratables
  • Patching plasters

Contact our team to learn more about how M. Lukas can be your source for plastic refractories.

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