Refractory Products

M. Lukas Company represents all major refractory products from the top manufacturers at the best possible prices. We sell, service and install insulating, medium to high duty, high alumina, low cement and specialty castables, along with all rams and plastics from air-set, phosphate-bonded, patching plasters and vibratables. Harbison-Walker, Vesuvius, Resco Products, Missouri Refractories, Thermal Ceramics and U.S. Refractories are just a few of the major refractory manufacturers’ products we offer.

In addition to the monolithic refractories, we provide firebrick of all types: insulating firebrick, hard firebrick, high alumina firebrick (of all standard and specialty shapes), rotary kiln brick liners, shiplap tiles, square edge firebrick tiles, and precast shapes. If you have a firebrick shape, we will find it or make it for you.

We sell all insulation products that our industries may need. These products range from mineral wool insulation to a vast variety of ceramic fiber products including; ceramic wool blanket and bulk insulations, ceramic fiber papers and textiles, tapes, and tadpole gasket materials.

M. Lukas Company offers a selection of refractory anchors that range from all metal types of “V” type wire anchors to cast alloy anchors. Also available for purchase are refractory tile anchors (bottle anchors), insulation pins and attachments. If it’s for refractory or insulation, we have it.

M. Lukas Company maintains two full stocked warehouses with the necessary castables, plastics, insulations and attachment anchors needed to complete any possible emergency. Also, we provide standard maintenance repairs our customers may need whenever they may call.

See how M. Lukas can provide you all the refractory products you need by contacting us.

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