ISOMEMBRANE® - Expansion Joint Solutions

Solutions for Expansion Joints

Leaky and damaged expansion joints put limits on your induced draft (ID) fan and process, causes cold end corrosion, produces a higher loss on ignition (LOI), increases opacity and decreases capacity.

M. Lukas Company can provide you with an economical and flexible solution to your problem by installing an ISOMEMBRANE® expansion joint. This installation can be a complete joint or we will repair your joint that has existing damage.

ISOMEMBRANE® expansion joints may be installed while your unit is still on-line, saving costly down time.

M. Lukas Company maintains a complete stock of all the ISOMEMBRANE® proprietary materials needed to complete your joint.

The benefits of ISOMEMBRANE® for your expansion joint seals include:

  • ISOMEMBRANE® can be installed over existing expansion joints, eliminating the need for expensive demolition.
  • ISOMEMBRANE® can be installed either internally or externally, minimizing the need for costly scaffold staging.
  • ISOMEMBRANE® can be installed with very short lead times, allowing for immediate results.
  • ISOMEMBRANE® can frequently be installed externally while the unit remains on-line, reducing outage periods while allowing for immediate results.
  • No other product has demonstrated a similar economical and flexible solution to this challenge.

ISOMEMBRANE® is installed using licensed and certified technicians – Contact M. Lukas today to learn more.

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