Specialty Products and Services

Our goal of providing our customers with solutions to their various problems, has given the M. Lukas Company the opportunity to showcase some of the specialty services that are offered. Leaking and failing expansion joints can now be fixed, repaired or replaced completely with our ISOMEMBRANE® product. ISOMEMBRANE® is a flexible, elastic and ash-tight sealing system that is ideal for sealing up boiler dead air spaces and penthouse tube penetrations or exterior boiler wall openings.

Our Pre-Krete cement products are an excellent way to patch or replace your tank lining. Whether it’s a hot water tank, process water tank, liquor tank, dissolving tank or any tank that holds a liquid, we have a protection lining for it.

Casing hot spot can be repaired by our injection pumping process. We can pump into the hot steel casing sections with a pumpable insulation, so the unit can stay on-line.

We offer abrasion resistant lining for ducts, process fans, chutes with extreme condition castables (Actchem, Surtuff etc.), ceramic tiles and epoxies.

A few of these solutions include:

  • Fiber module and insulation constructions
  • Tank linings for all ranges of pH
  • Abrasion resistant linings for fans, ducts and chutes
  • On-line casing hot spot repairs with injection pumping

Learn more about our Specialty Products and Services by contacting us.

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