Firebrick and Specialty Precast Shapes

Firebrick and precast shapes are refractory materials that are typically used in kilns, furnaces, boilers, burners and fireboxes. We are a supplier of all sizes, shapes, weights and qualities of firebricks and specialty precast shapes. In addition to manufactured shapes, we will cast any shape you need in our shop.

Below is a list of products we supply:

  • Standard firebrick
  • Arch and wedges
  • Square and shiplap tiles
  • Specialty and custom shape
  • Aluminum resistant
  • Insulating firebrick and shapes
  • Firebrick tile anchors and attachments
  • Engineered shapes
  • Specialty mineral composites

M. Lukas has whatever you need for your refractory products. Contact us today to learn more.

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